eBay needs a new interface and a clue

Japanese lithopane tea set

Hadn’t sold on eBay in a while and just listed a sale with has seven photos(shameless plug:Japanese porcelain lithopane Dragon tea set.) This took several tries because the archaic, kludgy eBay method for posting an ad kept mangling the content.

I added the photos, then calculated shipping charges, only to come back to discover the photos were gone. Grrr. Re-added them, changed something else, and then discovered it now listed both sets of photos. Tried to delete the dupe photos and couldn’t. They kept coming back, even when they were confirmed and shown as being deleted. Except for the final two photos, that is – the delete button wouldn’t work at all with them.

Oh, during all this, it would delete the ad copy at random intervals too. Thanks so much for that.

Contrast that brain-dead interface with Amazon. The Amazon interface is easy to use, powerful, and unquestionably delivers them vastly increased sales. Plus they are always improving it. eBay, OTOH, has barely changed anything in ten years.

Perhaps eBay thinks they own the auction market so they don’t have to update their interface to something modern and not error-prone. They would be wrong. The tech world is filled with dead companies who thought they were secure and didn’t or couldn’t change.