Bloomberg: global warming “just as lethal” as terrorism

Micheal Bloomberg

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg told reporters Monday that global warming is as big a threat to humanity as terrorism, according to Reuters.

Does everything have to be equated to terrorism before this country can act on it? Is Bloomberg saying we should do regime change on stray carbon emissions or maybe blow the atmosphere to smithereens trying to eliminate the evildoer emissions?

“Terrorists kill people, weapons of mass destruction have the potential to kill enormous numbers of people, global warming has the potential to kill everybody” Bloomberg said.

Well then, global warming is thus a far worse threat than terrorism ever could be. And deserves a reasoned and coherent response, not one that implies a military-like response. We don’t need a War on Global Warming complete with scare tactics and fear, instead we need to develop renewable energy and clean transportation and have a optimistic approach.