Fibonacci curves and the Democratic primary

nautilus shell cutaway. From Wikipedia
(photo from Wikipedia)

At the heart Obama’s campaign was the decision to be great at retail. At the heart of the Clinton campaign as the call to be great at corporate.

Her heart was never really in retail or the web. She is more comfortable in the cozy world of elites.

So now, as in all natural systems, the differences are widening. Small differences in the [Fibonacci] curve widen exponentially over time.

Thus, Clinton’s decision to base her campaign on elites and the backroom have put her trajectory way off the mark. What was originally billed as a slam-dunk nomination by She Who Is Inevitable has morphed into anything but that, given Obama’s take-it-to-the-people campaign and expert use of the web. By contrast, the Clinton campaign has been uninspired and by-the-numbers.

A warning to all who think that the backroom is still the key to power.

As mentioned before, I’m still not convinced Obama is anything genuinely new. But his campaign style and ability to motivate across all the normal boundaries most certainly is.