JTX-(I’m Gonna) Party Like A Rockstar

“I’m gonna party like a rock star, hit a bunch of strip bars
Wake up naked in a hotel room
Throw my TV out the window, smoke a bunch of endo
Anything to get my mind off of you.
Find a telephone pole to wrap around my car,
and party like a rock star.

After all the nights we spent cuddling on the couch
and all the parties I passed up because you didn’t feel like going out
I guarantee you Steven Tyler didn’t put up with crap like this
But tonight I’m making up for what I missed
Oh yeah.”

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One Response to JTX-(I’m Gonna) Party Like A Rockstar

  1. Bob Morris Mon, Feb 11, 2008 at 9:19 am #

    Sue says: He probably sat on the couch with her for months complaining about not being able to party so she dumped him.