Nuclear fusion is coming, says noted VC


Nuclear fusion will move from the lab to reality in a few years, a noted venture capitalist says.

A Canadian company believes they can build small fusion reactors that will produce power at 4 cents a kilowatt, about the same as coal. Fusion reactors do not have the dangers that current fission reactors have.

Lithium, a fairly inexpensive and plentiful metal, gets converted to helium in a reaction that generates lots of power and leaves only a harmless gas as a byproduct.

This is yet another example of how R&D into cleantech may reap huge rewards. I have little doubt that clean energy, maybe produced in numerous ways, will be cost-competitive with coal in the near future. And that will change everything.


  1. D-T fusion isn’t entirely benign. , though it’s clearly an improvement on conventional fission. I wouldn’t hold my breath of 4-cent electricity from any kind of fusion, though, gee-whiz promotions from VCs notwithstanding.

  2. TRW had an operating fusion reactor back in the 1980s, until the Reagan administration pulled the plug on its funding. (I worked for a company that supplied the liquid helium for the reactor.)

    BTW, I’m surprised no one is talking about capturing helium from the reaction. At present, the only major source of helium is natural gas wells, where He is the byproduct of natural fission. As natural gas becomes scarcer and less used, helium will also become harder to find. A stream of salable He from fusion reactors might well make the fusion process more economical.

  3. What I can tell you is that I worked dispatch, and was responsible for sending our drivers to the site, a top-secret lab at TRW (one of many). The project began with small deliveries, but then it started taking two large containers of liquid helium twice a week as I recall, like clockwork.

    Despite security (I knew people who worked at various departments at TRW and have heard lots of stories that security was sometimes not so secure), the drivers and dock personnel talked often– we were in there at least twoce a week, after all. The drivers described what they saw and what the dock personnel told them– only they didn’t know what it was they were seeing. The liquid HE was used as a coolant. One driver described it something like this: “a crazy machine that makes electricity.” They had no idea of the significance of it, and were rather contemptuous.

    The evidence supports what they told me: A reaction that creates electricity at close to absolute zero? That’s fusion. And several hundred gallons of liquid He each week for weeks on end– that’s an ongoing operation. I have no idea of the size of the reactor, but I do believe it exosted, just because the drivers had no reason to lie about what they saw. They didn’t even know what it was.

    One day, we sent a truck over to pick up all our containers– the funding had been cut and the project was shut down. That’s the last I ever heard of it.

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