Clinton and McCain

Looks like that’s who the candidates will be.

One good thing: Both genuinely get it about global warming.

Here’s a thought. The US can works its way out of recession by investing hugely in renewable energy and clean transportation. This not only cleans up the environment, it also creates entire new industries and a zillion jobs to boot plus it gives us energy independence and security. Thus, this is something conservatives as well as liberals can back. Spread the meme.

We also need to do the same for our Internet infrastructure. European and Asian countries tend to have a much faster Internet at a much lower price. We need that here too.


  1. Personally, I’d say the Dems are still to close to call. We could yet end up with Obama. Ironically, Obama has a better chance of winning the general election. A Clinton nomination likely means a McCain presidency.

    Yesterday I spoke with a Utah gun store owner, a rabid conservative, who shocked me by saying he’d vote for Obama over McCain. He said “It’s impossible not to like Obama.”

  2. OTOH, many conservatives detest McCain, which makes a third party run by Ron Paul possible, and he’s raised at least $20 million so would be well-funded.

  3. OTTH, as happened in NH, most independents love McCain. That means he could benefit from the vast majority who don’t care much for either wing of the Democratic-Republicans.

    I do think a McCain-Obama (-Paul-McKinney-Bloomberg) race could be the most interesting we’ve had in years. Is it possible we could get a race of ideas, rather than “say anything” maneuvering? (John Belushi: “Naaaw!!!)

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