Facebook and Zuckerberg

A-list tech blogger Robert Scoble asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, why the lousy PR and lack of response when problems happened, something which has severely impacted Facebook. The answer was quite unexpected.

I asked him why he doesn’t like going on video and seems to have difficulty dealing with the press and bloggers. He said he was shy. Asked me not to video him “I freeze up,” he told me. He did promise to meet more with bloggers and to give me a video interview when he’s back home.

It was an amazing admission.

Imagine what’ll he get done when he gets over his shyness.

Yes, sometimes seeming arrogance and aloofness is, at heart, shyness. Scoble, a friendly, fair blogger who is also quite capable of calling people on things, came away impressed with Zuckerberg.