Undersea cable could export Scotland’s wind and wave power

Vast amounts of wind and wave power from some of Scotland’s most remote areas could be exported to southern England and Europe, providing a secure source of power and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

And it can be done so in an economically viable manner. Wow.


  1. Just one little problem; they forgot to check with the Scots. As a reader responding to the linked article says:

    “This, of course is exactly what they are proposing all over Scotland; blighting our landscape and our coasts with monstrosities to produce power for export to England; and for profits for foreign companies. The people of Scotland will get nothing from this vandalism.

    Scotland is already self-sufficient in power. If the English need more power, they should blight their own landscape and coasts with these monstrosities. Why should Scotland continue to be a junkyard and dumping ground for the English? Why not string out 181 towers, each 487 feet high, across London?”

  2. Um, because Scotland would sell their excess power, thus making a tidy sum? It’s hardly a losing deal for them.

    And if wind and wave would work off London, I expect that will be happening as relativly small sources of power become increasingly common.

  3. What makes you think Scotland would make a tidy wee sum on the export of electricty? The way that the tarrifs are arranged we already export electricty to the south at a cheaper rate than we are charged here at source. Also the enegy company would no doubt be owned by some other country. Scotland is already selfsufficient in energy and there are lots of areas down south that are capable of producing green power, the Severn tides, one of the largest tides in the world, they have mountains down there and in Wales, the have wind swept moors, Yorkshire, for one. So why must Scotlland be the only real source of energy for the south? These places are also closer to the point of use, London and the South East, the largest consumers by far, and as everybody knows it is foolish to transport energy over large distances when it is not necessary.

  4. Here in the States, 50% of the power for Los Angeles is generated on Indian reservations in Arizona and transmitted hundreds of miles to L.A. Which, I agree, is crazy.

    Is there a chance that Scottish firms could own and control the power, which might well then lead to a drop in your rates?

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