Green Party presidential debate

Green Party presidential candidates 2008

(Candidates Kat Swift, Jared Ball, Cynthia McKinney, Jesse Johnson
and Kent Mesplay)

Former House member Cynthia McKinney and others participated in the debate. Cindy Sheehan was a moderator. Ralph Nader spoke but did not participate in the debate, he hasn’t declared yet.

My favorite quote from McKinney during the debate was on the topic of party infighting, which garnered a standing ovation: “I have never seen anything like I have seen in the Green Party! I have to ask my constituents, people who support me, to come and join this? I want to be proud of what I’ve asked them to join, so please, come together.” Seriously. This shit is getting embarrassing!

A unified Green Party with Cynthia McKinney as candidate could make a real difference and, among other things, force the Democrats to deal with the war in a meaningful way. May it happen.

Videos of the debate