Britain greenlights nuclear power

nuclear power plant

The British government has invited companies to construct new nuclear power stations to meet its climate-change goals and will not set a limit on how many are built.

The move is expected to add momentum to a worldwide revival in nuclear energy.

France currently gets most of its electricity from nuclear. They’ve never had even the remotest problem with it. As Jim Kunstler says, nukes may be the best way to keep the lights on until we figure out what power source comes after it. Renewable power isn’t yet at the point where it can deliver huge amounts of cheap energy. Let’s work towards making that happen. But in the meantime, India and China will either build hundreds of carbon dioxide spewing coal plants – or they maybe they could build a few nukes instead.


  1. India is hardly a safe venue for nukes. There are literally hundreds of extremist groups active within it borders– some (but by no means all) linked to Al Queda. It would be a perfect setting for a terrorist group seeking raw materials for a dirty bomb.

  2. From what I’ve read, the leftovers from a nuclear plant are not particularly easy to make into bomb material and that even a dirty bomb is quite difficult to make and even more complicated to transport safely or hidden.

    But yes, there needs to be multiple layers of ironclad security maintained by different set of people.

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