1. I didn’t really care who Kerry endorsed, but it seems like a slap in the face to his old running mate Edwards and that strikes me as a lousy thing to do.

  2. Is an endorsement from John Kerry a positive thing?

  3. The endorsement might be noteworthy in that the Democratic establishment seems to be lining up behind Obama. One of Pelosi’s top aides just endorsed Obama too, something that many saw as a de facto endorsement by Pelosi.

  4. Edwards is the logical choice for VP. I can’t see it being offered to Clinton– much less her accepting anything less than the position of Ceasar. At this point, I truly hope for Obama-Edwards/McCain-Huckabee in November. From the current field, we can do no better.

  5. Obama / Edwards would be a great ticket.

    Also, forgot to mention, Kerry choose Obama to give a major speech at his nominating convention for 2004, and that was the speech that put Obama into the national spotlight. So, they go back a bit.

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