Democrats for Mitt

Democrats for Romney!

The Michigan Democratic primary has been stripped of their delegates, so that primary will be a non-event. Michigan has an open primary, so Kos says Democrats and independents should cross party lines and vote for Mitt, figuring more viable Republican candidates means increased possibilities for them to have bruising internal fights and discord. Machiavelli would approve.


  1. If you’re paying close enough attention to know what’s going on in Michigan, I suspect you’re paying close enough attention to realize that the Democratic National Committee’s decision to ignore the entire state of Michigan disenfranchises millions of voters and weakens our democracy.

    I’ve put together more information about the primary, and what you can do to express your concerns, at

  2. I love the idea. And Kos is right, it’s no different than what the GOP has done in Michigan for quite a few presidential elections, hoping to muddy the water.

    Give them a dose of their own, I say.

  3. BTW, this call to mess with the GOP in MI sounds like more partisan bickering– especially considering depending on what the Dems do, many of us may have to vote GOP this year. Obama or Edwards are probably the best the Dems can do, but I’d vote for either McCain or Huckabee over Clinton. Romney/Clinton would be another hold-your-nose-and-vote election, and I’d probably stay home.

    Let’s get the best GOP candidate possible, because he might just become president. I hope to God it’s not Romney!

  4. I think it’ll be McCain or Huckabee. Romney and Guliani have the severe problem that the more contact they have with voters, the more their numbers drop.

    McCain seems formidable.but I think age will eventually become a factor if he gets the nomination. He’s 73 and is starting to look old.

  5. Well, I’ve never voted GOP in a presidential election before, and I know not everyone agrees with me, but in a Huck/Hillary race, Huckabee gets my vote hands down.

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