Conservative blog begs for money

Conservative blog Red State is going boo hoo, we need $80,000 to upgrade our site because it’s in Drupal and liberals are the best Drupal coders, not conservatives. So we need to switch platforms, sob sob, so send us money.

Jamie blogs at Intoxination,which runs under Drupal. He’s also the WordPress wizard who singlehandedly does all the coding for Crooks and Liars and Firedoglake. He rips the flimsy and deceptive Red State plea to shreds, amply showing precisely how lame they are.

I worked hard developing this site. I spent countless hours to bring you the new IntoxiNation – now can I have $80,000? I mean it took me about 3 hours last night and 4 hours today to get it done so $80,000 should be about right.

Did we mentioned RedState is now owned by a large publishing company with actual financial resources? Yet they still beg for money to implement such deeply complicated features such as WYSIWYG editors. Watching Jamie mock them is quite fun. He uses unfair tactics like actual facts to demonstrate what bozos they are at Red State. Sort of like shooting fish in a barrel, actually.

The truth of the matter is it appears Red State’s advertising is way down and they are looking for excuses to get more money in. Fine – just ask for it. Don’t sit there and act like people are fools.