The candidates on global warming

global warming

The Hartford Courant provides a useful comparison of the global warming policies of the presidential candidates.

Obama favors the most governmental spending for R&D, something I strongly favor too. His plan also seems the most comprehensive.

Romney and Paul are clueless, Thompson is an open denier.

Most surprising is McCain, “League of Conservation Voters calls him a ‘leader’ on climate issues.”

Most favor some form of cap-and-trade, which might sound like a solution, but is unworkable because it’s voluntary, not worldwide, and has no way to enforce compliance. Simultaneously working towards creating new forms of renewable, clean energy while also working on ways to cut down on energy use with smarter technology and conservation measures is a much better way to go.

This is also the only way that rapidly industrializing countries like China and India will get interested. Don’t preach to them they must be green when we aren’t. Instead, show them how clean tech will save them money and energy.

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  1. Interestingly, a this moment, Obama & McCain lead in NH– though it’ll be hours before we know for sure.

    Also interestingly, one of the major sticking points in Bali was transfer of green tech to the third world: they want it, we don’t want to give it.

    Lastly, conservation starts at home. 30-50% of the energy usage in the U.S. could be eliminated with basic, cost-effective conservation methods– and that applies equally to industry and households. The vast majority of us would SAVE MONEY by conserving energy– but too many people still can’t be bothered.

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