Anti-zionism and anti-semitism


An anti-Zionist speaker who is also clearly anti-Semitic has been forced to cancel a speech in Britain after pressure from Left groups.

From Another Green World

Criticism of Israel is one thing, anti-semitism is quite another.

So I am glad to see that Gilad Atzmon who seems to have anti-semitic views is not going to be airing them in Brighton.

Socialist Unity has more, including a, ah, lively comments section and links to this excellent piece from local newspaper, the Brighton Argus.

Those who campaign for the rights of Palestinians are rightly incensed by the frequency with which they are falsely accused of “anti-semitism”. They point out that criticism of the actions of the Israeli government and the Zionists who sustain and support it is not anti-semitic.

However, the fact that false allegations of anti-Semitism are often made against those who criticise the Israeli state does not mean that anti-Zionists are not also sometimes anti-semitic. Or that those who oppose Zionism can cease to be vigilant about the allies they choose to stand alongside.

Well put indeed.