Some biofuels are not eco-friendly

suage cane leaves

Biofuels may not be superior if their production results in environmental destruction, pollution and damage to human health.

The Smithsonian cites a Swiss study showing that fuels made from U.S. corn, Brazilian soy and Malaysian palm oil may even be worse overall than fossil fuels. The best alternatives, according to the Swiss study, include biofuels from residual products, such as recycled cooking oil and ethanol from grass or wood.

So, let’s use corn for eating not biofuel (thus keeping food prices down) and create biofuel from other, better sources. Various methods blogged about here recently include biofuel from old tires, animal fat and renderings,  and the leftovers from sugar cane processing. Thus, it can be made in small as well as mass quantities, which makes it ideal for microprocessing, and using waste materials as the fuelstock also cleans up the environment.