The hippies were right

Country Joe

From The Left Coaster

The hippies were right

One of Duncan Black’s favorite minted expressions, rightly so, is dirty fucking hippie, the instant dismissive moniker chucked at any liberal idea to crush its legitimacy.

Those environmentalist hippies were and are right, in other words, to survive American has to become radically different with vastly different leadership, but it’s hard to remain optimistic when current political leadership yaps about nothing on purpose to prop up the status quo.

I’m proud to say it, I was a DFH. More of a yippie actually, those being the politicized hippies, usually as a result of getting arrested. Yes, much of what we did and proclaimed, stoned and naive as we were, proved true. Environmentalism and feminism came directly out of Hippie. So did a mistrust of government. Back then, to say “our government lies to us” was to invite hostility and incredulity. Today everyone, conservatives included, just assumes it. Sure, many of those ideas were already present, but it was the cultural explosion of the 60’s that pushed them into national consciousness.

The Greens were right too. They were talking global warming and the need for change back when to do so put you in the fringe of the fringe. Now it’s a mainstream belief.

So, for all you DFHs out there, do what the European eco-Left did when the Right tried to slime them by calling them watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside) – they turned it around and used it as a compliment.

The hippies were and are right, it turned out in the end, completely and totally. Until our political leadership unabashedly trumpets that fact with an agenda of real change I’ll continue to be pessimistic for long term political American existence, radical change in how we live is absolutely necessary, starting with abandonment as a species of internal combustion.

I’m actually optimistic. Signs of change are everywhere. Most governments and businesses now get it about global warming and renewable energy, a sea change from just a few years ago. The coming regime change in D.C. will speed the process here too.

(The photo is Country Joe, a true DFH, just before going on stage at Woodstock. I was there too.)