Imagine, a web site for your toaster

Whirlpool has announced a refrigerator with embedded wi-fi.

“Hello, this is Refrigerator Tech Support, how may I help you.”

“My refrigerator door refuses to open. It says my authorization has been revoked.”

“Let me log on to your fridge to determine the problem… Ah, it appears your wi-fi bathroom scale notified the refrigerator that your recent weight gain is outside the optimum range, so the refrigerator, as per its instructions as clearly detailed in your owner’s manual, is not allowing you entry.”

(sputtering angry noises)

“It has also revised your weekly food order that it sends to the grocery store so as to insure a quick weight loss. I see you’ll be eating lots of sprouts this week.”

“Aaargh.” (Hangs up, googles “disable refrigerator security” and discovers that HackrDawgz has a program to force the bathroom scale to report a weight of one’s choosing.)


  1. I would worry more that the contents of the refrigerator might accidentally get deleted….

  2. It’s a crazy world. I’m waiting for the day my microchip-driven pacemaker shows up on my wireless network.

    (One of my friends asked, “Can you download music into it?” I replied, “You should see what Black Sabbath does to my heart rhythm!”)

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