RIAA chief: ripping ok


Further, he says the WaPo story was “just wrong” but also says their attorney “misspoke” when he said ripping was illegal. Hmmm. Those two statements certainly do appear to be in conflict, ie, WaPo then was simply reporting what the lawyer said, eh?

Sadly for RIAA though, Sony just announced they will sell non-DRM mp3s. This means all the major record companies have now abandoned DRM, so there’s little reason left for RIAA to exist. Perhaps they can find gainful employment in a related field, like working for bottom feeder collection agencies or ambulance chaser law firms, it would seem a good fit for them.


  1. Clarification please. You say selling drm free on Amazon. That sounds pretty specific to me. What about other online music stores? Are the music giants giving up on drm on actual cd’s? If they haven’t come out and said drm free music all the time, everywhere – then drm isn’t dead yet and neither is the RIAA even though their job will be much harder to do.

  2. Major retail stores this year gave much less space to CDs (and DVDs). That trend is expected to accelerate as sales of CDs continue to fall. So, in a year or so, it may not matter much if some CDs have DRM.

    Good point though, are the record companies dropping DRM from whatever music CDs still have them. Anyone know?

    Amazon now has all DRM-free mp3s plus variable pricing that can be less than iTunes. iTunes has no choice, they must go DRM-free and probably drop prices too.

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