In the end, voters want real people with actual arguments in order to change the country. That’s why Huckabee and Obama have prevailed. They’re real. The establishments of both parties lost.

I expect the Clinton campaign to launch a vicious, sleazy attack against Obama, which will backfire, convincing more people not to vote for Hillary. Obama or Edwards could win the presidency. I doubt she can, her negatives are way too high and people want change.

Guliani is toast. I suspect his numbers collapsed on precisely the same day that his ex NYPD chief of police got indicted on multiple federal felonies.

Ron Paul polled 10%, a highly respectable number for a supposed fringe candidate. If he does better in New Hampshire, and he could, then he becomes a player.

Any previous poll numbers for New Hampshire are now null and void. New polls need to taken because of the momentum created by the Iowa upset.