Sewage water to drinking water

Orange County water reclamation
A new plant in Orange County California will process 70 million gallons of treated sewage into drinking water by cleaning it then pumping it into the groundwater basin for further filtration.

Previously, treated sewage was pumped into the ocean. Now most of it it will be reused. This is a huge and welcome step forward water in water reclamation.


  1. It is indeed about time. Rural water generally returns to the aquipher via leech fields, but urban communities tend to dump theirs into oceans and rivers– reducing our fresh water reserves by millions of gallons each day.

    I don’t think most people realize what a scarce resource fresh water is. Only 1.6% of the world’s water lies in aquifers, and only 0.6% of the surface water is available for drinking– the rest is saltwater or ice cap.

  2. Wonder why it took so long to figure it out what we in the hinterlands have known for generations. Animals, crap in their backyards.

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