Las Vegas to respect their cultural heritage


Las Vegas is planning an museum about organized crime, the history of Vegas “warts and all”. The FBI will be contributing wiretap transcripts, photos, and more!

And it does take two to tango…

An exchange between Kefauver and Morris “Moe” Dalitz, a former bootlegger who financed the Desert Inn hotel-casino in Las Vegas:

Kefauver: “As a matter of fact, you had been making a great deal of money in recent years, so I suppose from your profits from one investment you would then go ahead and make another investment. Now, to get your investments started off, you did get yourself a pretty good little nest-egg out of rum-running, didn’t you?”

Dalitz: “Well, I didn’t inherit any money, senator. … If you people wouldn’t have drunk it, I wouldn’t have bootlegged it.”