Plug-in electric truck

Smile electric delivery truck

Plugs in to a regular outlet, range is 150 miles , with a maximum speed of 50 mpg. This makes an ideal delivery truck.


  1. Great to see a company just getting on with making and selling electric vehicles – while the others feed us excuses as to why we can’t have them yet. There is one minor error in that report; US production commences a few weeks from now, within the first quarter of 2008. Ther 2010 date is when they expect to be making 10,000 a years there (plus 5000 a year in Europe). I know the company well. I live in the UK and know the company well. They’ve been quietly making and servicing electric vehicles since 1920 — and have shipped around 70,000 of them in that time. Mostly milk delivery vehicles and onsite baggage trucks etc. But it looks like the world has swung their way now. Their website is

  2. Smith’s smaller range (the 3.5ton Edison) uses a Ford Transit bodyshell, and it is widely hinted that Ford will promote it within some of its own showrooms from the start of 2008. I do know that the Edison will carry both a Smith badge and a Ford badge from January onwards. Meanwhile Smith yesterday announced an order for 100 electric trucks (a mixture of Newton and Edison models) from an Irish logistics company. This is really taking off. The future is electric!

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