Clinton campaign tries sliming, hits self

Let’s see, a little while back the Clinton campaign attacked Obama because he wrote in kindergarten that he wanted to be president. Yesterday they said they’d attack him because he said he took drugs as a youth (like who didn’t?) saying that Republicans would use this to hurt him. While of course, they tried to do precisely that same thing. They’re also saying he ran a slush fund. Right.

They backtracked from the kindergarten slime attempt by saying, aw shucks, we were just kidding. Today, one of their campaign pit bulls apologized for the drug smear after it became apparent that this slimebag move was blowing up in their faces.

What a sleazy bunch of rabid attack weasels. Hillary’s coronation plans appear to be going seriously awry. Good. If she’s this nasty now, imagine what she’d be like in the White House.  Another Dubya, that’s what. Yuck.


  1. Naked ambition is always an ugly thing to behold. I suppose it’s necessary in a politican–though I’d be willing to support a constitutional amendment disqualifying anyone who’s ever wanted to be president from actually serving; I only want someone as president who comes kicking and screaming to the office because he or she recognizes how difficult and unpleasant the job is–but I sure like the ambition to be concealed and softened wherever possible. The Clintons’ love of power has always struck me as almost sexual, which worries me. Sex should be reserved for sex, not transplanted into other areas of life, and when it is, watch out. Attack weasels indeed!

  2. Bloomberg is hinting he might run as a moderate, ‘right down the middle.’ This would change the entire race.

    At least Bill Clinton had a few saving graces, can’t say the same for Hillary.

  3. It’s sad to see BOTH parties shying away from “what they really believe” in favor of “who’s the strongest.” A Clinton-Giuliani race would truly be a low point in American politics– and Bloomberg would get my vote. OTOH an Obama-Huckabee or Edwards-McCain race would be worth showing up for.

  4. The latest national polls I’ve seen (12/11) show Guiliani tied with Huckabee at 21%, with McCain at 18%. That’s not a lead, but it’s not toast either. He’s not doing well in IA or NH (Huckabee leads in IA and Romney in NH), but the country still likes him.

    As for the economy, I’m baffled why it’s not already an issue. Bush is doing everything possible (whether intentionally or not) to sink us. But apparently it’s not news. Why isn’t every candidate screaming? Perhaps because Bush has given the next President a license to spend, spend, spend– and who could turn that down?

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