Adam Curry is on the TSA Look Out List

Adam Curry, the podfather

And he’s not happy about it. The past four times he’s flown to the States from his home in England, he gotten pulled out of the Customs line and interrogated for a few hours because he’s on something mysterious called the “Look Out List,” and there’s no easy way to get off it.

Did I mention he’s a US citizen? Yes, he was born in D.C. and grew up in New Jersey.

Curry, who was one of the first VJ’s on MTV is now a successful businessman and one of the inventors and popularizers of podcasting. He talks about these bizarre TSA problems in his recent Daily Source Code #699 podcast. His politics are centrist-right and he says, hey, I defend the US during my life living abroad and I employ 100 people. But “this is such an embarrassing country” because of pointless, Orwellian security procedures like this.

His solution is to get Ron Paul elected. While the Paul candidacy has huge traction among techies and he certainly makes some valid points, I think many of his supporters will have second thoughts after it becomes apparent just how far to the right Paul actually is. But on personal freedom issues like this, Paul is excellent, and Curry says “Vote for Ron Paul before I get sent to Gitmo!

(The photo is Adam Curry photoshopped as the podfather, circa 2005 or so, as podcasting was just getting popular.)