Democratic sea change towards Obama?

Andrew Sullivan cites email from Democratic readers saying they see a major shift recently away from Hillary and towards Obama.

Among the last straws for [a “weather-vane” Democrat] was Hillary challenging Obama on character grounds, which he saw as a harbinger of worse things to come if she is the nominee — he is put off by the old-style politics of it, and increasingly caught up by Obama’s call for a change of direction and attitude (which was amplified so well by Oprah this week).

Agreed. Hillary’s attack on Obama was precisely the kind of sliming this country and its politicians need to get away from. After two terms of reflexive pit bull nastiness from Dubya and the neocons, we deserve better than more of the same from the next president. Also, her attack was also pathetic. Yes, she really did attack Obama for something he wrote in kindergarten.

And apparently her campaign is suffering stress fractures because her once-commanding lead is now evaporating.