Britain’s wind power revolution

wind turbine

Britain is to embark on a wind power revolution that will produce enough electricity to power every home in the country, ministers will reveal [Monday].

The Independent on Sunday has learnt that, in an astonishing U-turn, the Secretary of State for Business, John Hutton, will announce that he is opening up the seas around Britain to wind farms in the biggest ever renewable energy initiative.

Wow. Imagine that. A government-backed plan to go completely renewable.

Now if the US government and Congress would only get off their dead ass and do something like this. Their stunning inaction on all matters having to do with climate change and renewable energy are embarrassing. While other countries speed ahead on developing renewable energy, the US government and Congress remain mired in what can only be described as deliberate willful ignorance on the subject.

Renewable energy and climate change should be  a major part of the presidential campaign debates. Yet hardly any of them are talking about it. Sad.

The US has vast deserts with little in them that could provide massive amounts of power, were solar plants to be installed. Wind power is quite feasible in many areas as is tidal and wave power. All that’s needed is the national initiative to do it.


  1. The Secretary of State for Business may make noises in that direction but the Prime minister and other power mongers in conjunction with the corporate world are still pushing the nuclear button and have already put forward four prefered sites. Most of the British public and practically all the Scottish public are against nuclear, we are aware of the horrors and problems of nuclear, we’re a small countryand we have had some not too pleasant experiences.
    What we need is more localised and re-newable sourced power production and get away from the centralised mega units that big business will always favour.

  2. Here in the States they’re making noises in the wrong direction, what with renewables losing out in the proposed energy bill to coal, etc.

    No one in the US government or Congress is pushing for renewables that I can see.

    So, at least some in Britain are.

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