Saturday cat blogging


That’s Shy Guy on the top, and Squeak and Sumo on the bottom. We did foster care for them for a month until they were old enough to adopt, then they and their mom went back to the Humane Society. Happily, they were adopted within a week.

The Humane Society has a No Kill policy, and the facility we were at literally has cages of dogs and cats stacked on top of each other because they are so full. When we were there recently someone brought in a cat found in a parking lot that was drooling heavily and obviously in bad shape. We took it to their vet for them and, as it turned out, the cat had abscessed teeth which were quickly removed, and the now-healthy cat is probably in a new home by now.

Someone recently abandoned four kittens in a snowy field where there are feral cats. The Humane Society had been watching the feral colony, rescued the kittens, and they are now, a bit dazed and confused, getting used to being in our spare bedroom. Hopefully we’ll find homes for them quickly. So, if you live in Connecticut and would like to rescue a kitten or two, email me. They’re Maine Coon mixes, about 4 months old and healthy.

And here they are, not the best of photos, however they appear to be settling in just fine this A.M.

four kittens