Back home

Our business trip in Montpelier VT got canceled yesterday so we’re back home again. We drove up Sunday night and awoke there this AM to a major snow storm. We got to the place of business only to find that many of their employees didn’t. So the meetings have been pushed back a week or so.

As one who has spent a lot of time in Vermont, it takes serious snow to shut things down there. They were expecting a total of 18 inches. Driving back was tiring, only one lane on I-89 each way was partly plowed, so this made for slow driving and required total concentration when passing someone, as that lane had 3-4 inches of snow in it. Slow and easy, no sudden movements, is the way to do it.

Weather is a funny thing. About a month ago, when it dropped to 60 F, I thought it was cold. Today it was 25 and I barely noticed it.

Light snow on evergreens and ice on branches of leafless trees is quite beautiful.