I’m guest-blogging at Crooks and Liars

This week, I’m guest blogging at Crooks and Liars in Mike’s Blog Roundup, once a day for seven days. Here’s my first post.

C&L is one of the main liberal / progressive blogs and gets a whopping 170,000 or so visits a day. It was started by John Amato who got the name from an email list done by Mike Finnegan (now of Mike’s Blog Roundup.) It was the first blog to my knowledge that posted video from news and TV shows, and it was this huge innovation that first got them noticed.

Since then, Amato has turned it into a group blog and it has become an influential force in the blogosphere and beyond. I’ve known John and Mike since long before blogging and it’s been inspiring watching C&L become the powerhouse that it is.


  1. I saw that yesterday – ‘yer big-time now, bub. Mike recently pitched my best day ever, over three hundred hits!

  2. I’m here via your post at C&L.

    How come I’ve never heard of this blog before? (Well, yes, it might have something to do with that nice place I have, under a rock.)

    You’re bookmarked now. Great blog!

  3. Just clicked over from C&L to say “Good for you!”

    TW: “Mike recently pitched my best day ever, over three hundred hits!”

    You must have hit a slow day for C&L. (It happens) I have had as many as 3500 sent over from them on one link. Also as few as a couple of hundred. A lot of it depends on their day’s traffic, the story you have, and how they choose to link it out.

    And quixote: This place is well worth the Bookmark. Bob comes up with a lot of original and interesting stuff.

  4. Congrats on being noticed in the big time.

  5. I’ve gotten anywhere from several hundred to ten thousand hits from a C&L link, who sometimes get more views per day than Kos.

    So far today I’ve gotten 190 clicks-throughs from my post, and Sundays, especially after a major holiday, are always slow. The big days for most websites are Tuesday and Wednesday, with peaks around noon and 8pm.

    I believe recent figures show the Left blogosphere gets more traffic than the Right, and has for a while.

    All our traffic will go higher as the 2008 election heats up.

  6. You can check out the traffic stat comparisons here…

    HuffPo is the biggest political Blog on the block now, by a longshot. dkos and Crooks and Liars are both in around second, depending on the day of the week.

    Free Republic has been in a major league decline considering in 2005 they were the biggest and now they are regularly pummeled by many left wing Blogs. And malkin is a distant fifth.

    (I added those right wing nuts just so you could compare. I am pretty sure that Free Republic is still the biggest right wing propaganda machine but malkin is behind a whole bunch of other left wing Blogs)

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