Nursing home scandal in CT

Kudos to the Hartford Courant for their three-part investigation of the hideously substandard care at Haven Healthcare. The state just suspended their admissions and is determining how many of the homes will be put into receivership. The CEO, it appears, took money from the chain to start a Nashville record label, signing Travis Tritt – who says he never would have signed had he known about this.

When the paper of record in a small state does a front page investigation, everyone pays attention. I’m guessing the CEO is in for a bumpy several years of trials, investigations, bankruptcy, and maybe prison. How bad was the care?

a sore on a resident’s heel went untreated for so long that his leg had to be amputated.

We need affordable, quality health care for all, not obscenities like Haven Healthcare.


  1. While I agree about our needs, other countries that have tried national healthcare offer some cautionary tales that government-run care is not a panacea. Neglect like this could easily occur in Sri Lanka’s formerly-excellent national system, thanks to devastating corruption. And in Canada, there are anecdotes of patients waiting weeks to see a doctor so that a treatable condition becomes a fatal malady. Other countries do better– but would ours?

    We need QUALITY affordable halthcare. Considering the incompetence of our government (and our historically adversarial relationship with it), we’ll want to review government’s role in the solution very carefully.

  2. Yet we can’t really trust private enterprise to do the right thing either.

  3. Nope. That leaves only the non-profit sector, which is my best bet: a series of regional Kaiser-like entities whose one and only goal is to provide excellent care, funded in part by tax dollars, in part by a subscription fee based on income, and in part by HMO-style co-pays– waived for low-income patients. If (like Kaiser) it’s not required to make a profit, then there’s no reason to gouge people.

    There are risks of administrative bloat, inefficiency, etc.– which is why private medicine should not be eliminated. Let people make their choice.

  4. A concerned citizen

    Seriously, we need to send large groups of private and public investigators into the nursing homes and rehabilitation care centers to do proper “unwarned” investigations.

    All over the USA there is a grandscale abuse of people in nursing homes.

    People are not cared for, people are being ignored, and they are being given wrong and improper amounts of medication.

    There are others who are not allowed visitors. There are others whose civil rights and residents rights are taken away.

    GOOD to see ANY and all news about nursing homes that are finally “caught in the act”.

    Now, look into the rehab centers and see that they changed their names from NURSINGHOMES to avoid investigations.

    Let’s have it all out in the open.

    NOw, on the news.

    Never stop uncloaking the secret business of nursing homes.

    That article is just one ..and there are millions like it
    Just investigate

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