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  1. It occurs to me that another casualty of the falling dollar will be foreign travel: it will cost the average American more than before to go abroad, so he or she won’t– thus reinforcing our nation’s America-centered worldview with its lack of understanding of other places, cultures, and realities. When we speak of the poverty of nearly 1/2 the world’s people, we’re speaking of something you cannot understand without leaving the U.S. Poverty in much of the world does not mean you buy your food with food stamps, get government-subsidized utility service, and have to steal your Nikes. In most parts of the world, it means a standard of living that does not exist in this country– and which would nauseate most thinking people.

    But fewer Americans will know/believe this as the dollar plummets. I don’t believe that even BushCo would trash the dollar solely for the sake of creating an insulated fortress mentality among Americans– but it’s conveniently consistent with their goals.

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