Why Hillary will win

1) Guliani (the presumptive Republican nominee) has all manner of sleazy doings waiting to be uncovered. You can bet Democratic opposition research knows about all of it, and will slime him when the time is right. Plus, his dealings will make anything uncovered on Hillary look mild by comparison.

2) The US citizenry requires presidential candidates show they can throw a punch. Hillary will amply demonstrate she can throw knock-out blows.

3) Her husband is the best political strategist in the Democratic Party, maybe in the country.

4) The economy and the war will hurt the already demoralized Republicans even more.

Note that none of this has anything to do with her platform, but then when did that matter in our money and media fueled presidential campaigns?


  1. While you are probably right, let’s let IA and NH vote first before declaring her the victor. (Unfortunately, the rest of the states don’t really matter– the Dem nominee is pretty well chosen by the time NH casts its votes.) Actually her victory in those two states is still open to question. She’s taken some hits in the polls lately… Yet it’s almost impossible to imagine an Obama-Romney matchup.

    Andrew Sullivan refers to Hillary as “She Who Is Inevitable,” and her impending victory as “a third term for the Clintons.”

  2. Hillary will win because the Bilderbergers have decided so.

    Nothing will change.

  3. I’ve got 100 bucks that sez it isn’t so.

  4. Mr. Morris, as a confessed ‘right-winger’, I must say you’re mostly dead-on here. #’s 1 and 2 are right on the dot . #3 is open to ~some~ debate, but not too much. #4 is 110% accurate; Bush is getting creamed over the disastrous war (which mostly is his fault) and our crumbling economy (which is *partly* his fault and partly rotten timing).

    Hillary sure can *throw* nasty punches – as well as play the gender card VERY effectively! To make it worse for us ‘righties’, the more we try and dislodge her the worse we make the situation for ourselves!

    Example from news.aol.com:

    Hillary’s Hangover
    By David Knowles
    Nov 1st 2007 10:04AM

    …When it comes to fighting Republicans, she often claims to be a hardened veteran of GOP attacks, touting her experience with the “vast right wing conspiracy” as evidence that she is the best prepared Democrat to win the presidency. But after Tuesday’s woeful debate performance, Mrs. Clinton and her staff are painting a different picture of Hillary. Now, she is portrayed as the victim of a “pile-on.” From today’s Washington Post:

    After a rare night of fumbles by Sen. Hillary Clinton, her rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination rushed to maximize the damage yesterday, –>even as her advisers argued that the “piling on” engaged in by an all-male field of opponents will ultimately drive more female voters into her camp.<–

    Female voters are notorious for frustrating predictions — but one thing that WILL get Hillary votes is if we go too hard after the only woman in history to have a shot at the White House! Many ladies will cast their vote for her simply to make a statement if nothing else.

  5. And she’s the one Republicans love to foam at the mouth about– just as much as she loves to bait them. As Andrew Sullivan says, only one person has the power to reinvigorate the Republican Party: Hillary. (But don’t expect much to get done for the next eight years. Once again, it’ll all be about partisan wrangling.)

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