1. Check your sourcing– I bet soda and juice are about the same.

    How do you check the cource? Call the market where you buy the product and ask them! Believe it or not, though the request had to go through several different departments, they’ll tell you.

  2. You can always make your own carbonated water like Chez Panisse does.

    On a more serious, and broader, note, of course what this highlights is the vital role in ALL food purchases (and other things too, but food is what you buy every week in significant quantities) of buying LOCAL (that is, of course, locally GROWN items, not locally sold items).

  3. All true. Yet I find it ironic that one of the most fuel-intensive products (water/soda for drinking at 7 lbs per gallon) is also one of the least necessary, since in this country, safe drinking water is available just about everywhere.

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