Liberal Conspiracy launches

Liberal Conspiracy

Liberal Conspiracy plans to be a hub in Britain where the Left can come together, trade ideas, promote campaigns, and most important, build broad coalitions.

There is no denying that Liberal Conspiracy is partly born out of the frustration that many organisations who champion liberal-left ideals do not cooperate much with each other. It isn’t just the sectarianism that has traditionally been the preserve of hard-left socialists.

As our politics splits up into single-issue groups concerned about the environment, civil liberties, feminism, anti-racism, social justice, alleviating poverty etc – there isn’t much dialogue taking place between them and there is certainly a lack of broad coalition-building to push for political aims together. We want to be the network hub where other organisations sharing our ideals are promoted and their campaigns highlighted.

So far they have about thirty bloggers, activists, academics, and journalists involved and look to be off to a great start. Broad-based multi-issue coalitions are certainly something we need here in the States too.

Davide Simonetti, one of the participants, has more.