Chomsky: There was no 9/11 conspiracy

Among other things he believes that some aspect of the plan would have leaked and too many events on that day were too elaborate to have been planned to perfection and therefore would not have been worth the risk for the Bush Administration.

No doubt some of the loonier 9/11 conspiracists will say this just proves that Chomsky was involved in it. You laugh? Wait.


  1. josiah smythers

    What puzzles me is why so many influential bloggers seemingly think arguments such as Chomsky’s imply that the official version is what actually happened. Some very intelligent bloggers (eg., Cannonfire) become absolutely unglued over the issue.

    We have to keep in mind that Chomsky’s argument does not actually purport to show there was >no

  2. josiah smythers

    Oops. My rather lengthy comment seems to have been truncated because of the brackets I put around “no conspiracy” I guess. Sorry!

  3. Maybe your comment being truncated was PART of the conspiracy. Bwa ha ha.

  4. Josiah, this just goes to show that Polizeros is working with Chomsky and Chimpy to keep us from learning the truth!

    Either that, or the comments software thought you were trying to format some HTML and got confused…

  5. Maybe this proves that all manufacturers of HTML browsers and the whole Open Source community (i.e. WordPress , Mozilla, etc) were involved in at least the cover-up of 9/11. They (conspiracy theorists) might as well conclude that!

  6. I *ASKED* you not to leak that out… Sigh

    If they find out HTML means Hit Towers Make Lies, then we’re really in trouble.

    (ok, I got Dick Cheney on IM and Chomsky texting me while we try to figure out what to do.)

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