Let them drink Gatorade

After Gutenberg has a fine rant about the extremely serious southeast drought, and how water shortages are at least partly a result of global warming and deforestation.

How bad is the drought? Bad enough they hoped hurricanes would come. And it’s getting worse every day.

Lake Lanier has three months of water storage left. Translation for non-Atlantans, “That’s three months before there’s not enough water for more than 3 million… to take showers, flush their toilets and cook. Three months before there’s not enough water in parts of the Chattahoochee River for power plants to make the steam necessary to generate electricity. Three months before part of the river runs dry.”

Goah, maybe it’ll get so bad the city will proactively order Coca-Cola and Pepsi to stop slurping up millions of gallons of water to make sugared drinks. One would think the choice between having drinking water and making Gatorade would be a simple one, but apparently not.

Sue suggests the perfect solution, “Let them drink Gatorade.”