1. This link doesn’t seem to work, so I don’t know the context. Sounds like Sonkran Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

  2. Fixed!

    What happens at the festival???

  3. The traditional Sonkran (Buddhist New Year) in Thai culture included a ceremony of washing the hands of the elders. In modern times, this translated into the pouring of water on people, either gently (in the case of respectful relationships) or gleefully (on the streets of Bangkok– oft elevated into a drunken tourist spectacle).

    Chiang Mai seems to be the “capitol” of the festival, with people loading garbage cans full of water- some of it iced– into the backs of pickup trucks, patrolling the city streets, and using buckets to soak anyone they see. This is primarily a Thai undertaking (or was when I was there in 1995), since foreigners tend to stick to Bangkok and the south, and they don’t have vehicles. It’s quite a party!

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