Run Cynthia Run

But it’s been a bit unclear just which direction former House member Cynthia McKinney is running towards.

On 9/11/07 Political Wire reported McKinney was interested in a Green Party presidential run in 2008. Two days later, after a California meeting, she backed away from a run.

Currently. RunCynthiaRun is encouraging her to run. She’s attending fundraisers in California and just changed her party registration to Green.

I hope she does run for president as a Green. She’s high visibility, committed, articulate, antiwar, progressive, and would get national attention.


  1. Right now the Green party has 4 candidates seeking the nomination. Cynthia McKinney would make a great candidate and I hope she seeks the nomination. It will be interesting to see who else gets in the race. Green nominating convention will be in July in Chicago and state parties will be meeting to select delegates in the spring. There is still time, but early ballot access deadlines are beginning to loom.

  2. Our dysfunctional culture of distrust needs a movement to co-create a resonant energy field. We have reached a dangerous tipping point where obsolete beliefs threaten survival.

    A critical mass is needed to overcome the intertia of complacency and despair. Our choices are cultural breakthrough (renewable resource priority/ nonrenewable resource productivity) versus cultural breakdown (continued obsolete labor productivity).

    GPUS needs a thousand Community Centers (storefronts,coffee houses, homes, garages, parks,work-spaces and wherever Greens meet) to empower a network of self-reliant, cooperative communities.

    Cynthia could expand both her campaign, and GPUS by implementing this approach in her campaign. We would be grateful for help from anyone who can who can help to influence her.

    Joe Dubovy
    Chair; Green Party of Putnam County, NY

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