Burnt Hill MA

“Stone chambers, standing stone alignments, earthen mounds, stone piles, and concentric stone circles make up this mysterious site” called Gungywamp near Groton CT.

The photo is of another such site in Burnt Hill MA

All told, 21 stones, some weighing 300 to 500 pounds, have been jammed into the bedrock on the 1,855-foot high knoll in the state’s wild northwest corner. Another five have fallen. And interspersed among the monoliths are four glistening stacks of white quartz boulders.

The Gungywamp Society has a yearly newsletter filled with research and information about it but will brook no foolishness about paranormal or spiritual interpretations of the site. Sheesh, what a bunch of grumps. I guess they must have been built for strictly practical non-Howl at the Moon reasons then…