Conservatives fight back against neocons

What in God’s Name has happened to the Republican Party?” ask those who consider themselves to be genuine conservatives. They want to take their party back from neocon and Christianist hijackers.

We on the Left can only hope this happens. It’s not our fight to fight nor can we do much to help.

Blogger Andrew Sullivan makes the case in his recent book The Conservative Soul: How We Lost It, How to Get It Back.


  1. To contend that the GOP was hijacked is somewhat selfserving. The GOP willingly embraced the god and politics of 1898. Oh, how they soared for a few years. Then, Fortuna withdrew her favor. This was not done to the GOP. Please! The members willingly abdicated their principles and ethics in return for the possibilty of a permanent republican majority. Power, money, and status are so very attractive. As we all know, everything does not always work out as planned. Damn! When envy was your motivation and you sold your soul, well, what the hell, don’t snivel, just cope. So to Mr. Sullivan and his GOP friends, if you want to see the hijackers, take a peek in the mirror . Consult Pogo on who your enemies may be. Get out your videotapes, pop them into a way back machine, and listen to what you actually said over the past few years. Oh, and re-read your old pieces. No hijack here, just envy, lust, and bad judgement conjoined with a whole lot of human stupidty. The left should just enjoy the show. The left has its own set of problesm to deal with. Who knows, we may be at a histroical moment that sees new parties emerge. The democrats may have to re-define themselves. The GOP may well wither into a Whigish memory hole to be replaced by what? Politically, it is definitely a stay tuned year or two coming up!

  2. While that may well be the case, the GOP (and the Dems too) abandoned the traditional conservative values of this nation. That leaves a large portion of America with no respresentation.

    The core conservative values I grew up with, which go back hundreds of years, are financial responsibility, conservation, and liberty. Liberals are people who incur debt, waste resources, and try to tell you how to live. Sullivan is absolutely correct: the GOP is NOT conservative. These days, the Dems are more conservative than the GOP!

  3. The neocons have proven themselves left of liberal. Why do neocon almost unaminously adore Vlad the KGB commie thug Putin? Why? Because Putin represents authoritarianism, neptism, hates capitalism, adores corrutption. Bush was not kidding when he said he looked into the soul of Putin and found a friend, a KGB commie thug friend just like Bush. We conseratives need to fight for our party and we need to reach out to liberals to help in this battle. Liberals are much closer aligned to conservatives these days compared to the neocon.

    I think Irving Kristol summed it up pretty well about neocons, that they tell deliberate lies because the public is incapable of handling the truth. Just say NO to the largest expansion of government in the history of our fair land. Just say NO to the doubling of the national debt under pseudo con governance.

    The one thing we must protect is conseratives good name. We should never allow a neocon to call themselves conservative- Neocons have smeared our good name and its time to let the public know that conservatives have the least in common with the pro-Putin pro ULTRA LARGE ULTRA AUTHORITARIAN GOVERNMENT. The biggest lie ever told was that neocons are for smaller government.

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