Slouching towards November 2008

Christian conservatives may run a third party candidate in opposition to Giuliani, something which would draw way more votes than Ralph Nader ever hoped of getting, and the split is for much the same reason too – an irreconcilable difference in views.

Meanwhile, Nader has been reduced to asking for supporters on CraigsList for a 2008 run (Hey Ralph, your legacy over five decades has been noteworthy, but maybe it’s time to do a slow fade into the sunset?)

The Green Party has nothing, nada, zilch, on their homepage about the 2008 presidential campaign, so I’m guessing whatever candidate finally emerges will get zero major media attention.

The primaries will be over by February, given the unfair front-loaded system favored by both major parties which virtually insures no dark horse candidate has a chance as well as keeping things stage-managed and controlled.

It looks like it’ll be Clinton vs. Giuliani, and we’ll get eight months of increasingly vicious attack ads from both sides and precious little discussion of the issues, much less real solutions.

This is not democracy of, by, and for the people. We need real debate, genuine discussion of issues, not this pretense. You think either Clinton or Giuliani will mention the war, peak oil, global warming, the collapsing dollar, or the weakening economy in terms of trying to find actual answers and get consensus? Well of course not. They’ll only mention such issues when they can score points by blaming the other side for it.

So, they’ll probably spend a billion dollars total trying to destroy each other and it’ll all be a waste of time and resources that could have been spent trying to find real answers.

The country deserves better than this.


  1. Newt Gingrich says Clinton has an 80% chance of becoming the next president. We might as well swear her in now (new title: Ceasar), and save the money and aggravation of a meaningless campaign!

    I echo your sentiment: is this the best we can do?

  2. Hey, maybe by the time Hillary leaves office in 2107, Chelsea can run for Senate!

    Or perhaps the dynasties could merge, and she marries a Bush.

    (I’m scaring myself…)

    update: Whoops, I meant 2017, not 2107!

  3. If the Clinton dynasty lasts until 2107, its jurisdiction is likely to be somewhat reduced. Read: the breakup of an empire.

  4. What we may be seeing is the final death throes of the Republican Party, or at leas the party of Eisenhower, Rockefeller, Goldwater. That party was very much the party of Business. The Charles Wilson saying that “What’s good for General Motors is Good for America.” should remind us of that.

    Today’s Wall Street Journal talks about the fact that the “GOP is losing it’s grip on core business vote.” If that happens, and many have already left for the Democratic Party, then we have ushered in the Rovian Political Supremacy, only for the Democrats… sorry, Karl.

  5. Democrats in control of both houses and the presidency would certainly be better for social issues, global warming, peak oil, freedom of speech and press, etc., but they sure aren’t much different when it comes to the wars…

    Perhaps they could be convinced.

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