More problems for Usmanov

Tonight, during the Saryusz-Wolski report “Towards a common European foreign policy on energy” the Euro realist MEP Tom Wise will use parliamentary privilege to spell out the allegations against Alisher Usmanov. He has been talking to Craig Murray to ensure that the allegations are accurate and to the point.Under the rules governing parliamentary privilege, any news organisation can repeat what has been said in the Parliament chamber, allowing the MSM to circumvent the legal threats being thrown about by Usmanov’s lawyers Schillings.

Let the fun begin.

I think I can hear the sound of toys being thrown out of prams.

Matt Wardman has the speech. Early on in this, someone commented Usmanov, an Uzbek billionaire who forced blogs critical of him off the net, didn’t know what he was taking on in attacking former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray. Now Murray’s allegations about Usmanov’s corruption, having been mentioned in Parliament, can be quoted by anyone without fear of being sued. Sweet.