Ahmadinejad quotes from Columbia speech

“In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country … I don’t know who’s told you that we have this.”

His homophobia and ignorance is quite stunning, isn’t it?

“If the root causes of 9/11 are examined properly – why it happened, what caused it, what were the conditions that led to it, who truly was involved, who was really involved – and put it all together to understand how to prevent the crisis in Iraq, fix the problem in Afghanistan and Iraq combined”

I’ve read that several times and still have no idea what he means. That Bush did 9/11? That the US brought it upon itself? And what does that have to do with stopping current wars?

“I’m not saying that [the Holocaust] didn’t happen at all … [But] can you argue that researching a phenomenon is finished forever, done? Can we close the books forever on a historical event?”

This is akin to saying the Law of Gravity requires more research. It doesn’t. Neither does wondering if the Holocaust happened.

While any country, including Iran, has the right to self-defense, and while Ahmadinejad was deliberately and pointlessly insulted by the president of Columbia, his willful provincial ignorance reminds of none other than George Bush.


  1. Personally, since the first days post-9/11, I have ALWAYS held a steadfast conviction that our very own Government, or specific cells within the Government, had their hands somewhere, somehow involved in the 9/11 horrific and tragic events! And to satisfy my convictions, evidence of our Government’s KNOWLEGDE of a PLOT prior to 9/11 has been revealed. I have absolutely no problem understanding what Ahmadinejad was saying in this specific quote!

    It is ESSENTIAL that we pursue ALL truth, and just what will serve the agenda of incompotents!

  2. As for the “Holocaust” quote….ignorant or not, radical or not….I do support the continuance of research upon ANY claim or fact. Sciences, every day, continues to prove that supposed-facts of yesterday are not “facts” at all.

    I am NOT a deniar of the Holocaust. To suggest it did not happen is a ridculous thing! HOWEVER…I do understand the nature, the uses, and the vices of high-profiled propoganda and BIASED-based researches. What Ahmadinejad states in this specific quote remains to have merit…and I now ask the same ESSENTAIL question: Can we argue that the research of a phenomenon is finsihed forever? Even the research of “Gravity”? And, are we to close the book on ANY historical event?

    I refuse to be 100% biased and closed-minded toward any controversial, even appalling or dissenting opinion!!!!!!!! I do not like this President Ahmadinejad…But I will also not stand blindingly by the side of an Administration nor Government that does NOT accurately and HONESTLY represent its PEOPLE!!! (and yeah…Ahmadinejad is very flawed in this area as well…so do not misinterpret my point!) I am MOST grateful for the opportunity to hear and even EXPRESS a dissenting opinion, as opposed to the biased and agenda-oriented communications fromn many of my Elected officials (past, present, and future).

    We, the American People, have experienced a most unique opportunity these past 2 days. Though a controversial, even frightening event, we, as a people, have heard DIRECTLY from an “opponent”, and “Adversary”, a “Dissenter” against our Great Nation……..we did not receive these words from Third-party channels (such as our Media and Government Officals), but from THE VERY PERSON HIMSELF! Now my fellow American(s), we can assuredly rest in our own personal conclusions with Truth, whatever the Truth is that we conlcude!

    OH…and BTW…I meant to say “and NOT just what will serve the agenda of incompotents!” in my first response to this blog. Sowwy 😛

  3. So sorry….but you asked, “And what does that have to do with stopping currect wars?”….referring the 9/11 quote.

    That’s a real EASY one to answer really…..




    WHY DO WE NOT HAVE HEADLINES CONCERNING OUR ACTIVITIES IN AFGHANISTAN?….is that not where Osama BinLaden is “supposedly” located? Is that not WHO and WHAT and WHY we, as a nation, went to “WAR ON TERRORISM”?

    Not to mention the very IMPLICIT and BLATANT evidence that certain cells in our Government allowed 9/11 to happen…and NO, I am NOT one who buys-in on the whole ‘the Towers fell because our Government planted bombs prior to the planes flying into them,” conspiracy hooplah! That’s OBVIOUS BULL-S*%T

    9/11 was one of the, if not THE, most tragic, HISTORICAL event to take place on our soil (outside of our Civil War…and believe, you do not want me to get started on that topic!)! I am from Rochester, NY…. A good 400 miles AWAY from NYC….but I even confess that during the month of September of 2001, my very marriage was put in a tense place because of my own traumatic response to this HORRIFIC and still haunting experience. For the life I’ve always known up to that day was put into GREAT question and doubt……..

  4. Ahmadinejab is a small, provincial politician who got promoted by the ineptitute of American policy so his silly, ignorant argument can now satisfy popular sentiments in the Middle East. He and Bush and Chavez of Venezuela are all similar, narrow politicos who have had unusual success as the result of the times in which they lived and the foolishness of their opponents. But none of their successes in playing to the crowd should conceal their fundamental weaknesses and appalling gaps in their knowledge.

  5. The way you describe it reminds me of another unworthy politician who came to prominence as a result of the times in which he lived and the foolishness of the then-major powers. This man, a fringe politician who should never have been on the ticket, got elected, offed about 9 million people (including 6 million Jews), and tried to take over the world.

    Truly our enemies are of our own making!

  6. > Can we argue that the research of a phenomenon is finsihed forever? Even the research of “Gravity”?

    Uh, yes. As one scientist put it – on some things I have a closed mind. The law of gravity exists. End of discussion. Ditto for the Holocaust happening.

  7. Actually the Law of Gravoity is very much in question– no one knows how or why it works, or why there seem to be some exceptions.

    Likewise while we know the holocaust occurred, research on it continues– not to say it didn’t happen, but to better understand it– and (in the words of holocaust survivor Simon Frumpkin) to try to prevent it from happening again. As he pointed out when I heard him speak some years ago, a holocaust occurred in Cambodia, and in China, and in the Ottoman Empire… to look at the German Holocaust as an isolated occurrance is to do the victims of holocaust worldwide a disservice. It was not merely an event, but a phenomenon.

  8. Isn’t that what a scientific Law is? That they don’t know why it is, just that it is. Gravity is observable, measurable, and always acts th same -hence scientists no longer wonder if it exists.

  9. They no longer wonder IF it exists, but they spend tens of millions researching why and how.

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