Blackwater and media visibility

From Danger Room, no Blackwater hater, comes Blackwater: From Bad to Worse

It’s not too late Blackwater. Re-read Danger Room’s PR advice. Otherwise, I predict that Blackwater will soon be the Enron of Private Security Contractors.

There’s lots of companies like Blackwater, yet most of them prefer to stay well out of sight, out of mind. Blackwater likes the spotlight, something which could be their downfall.

When crime boss and media celebrity John Giotti got convicted and sent to prison, a NY crime reporter (I forget who) wrote that there are five crime families in New York plus a boss of all the families, and you don’t know his name. Here, I’ll tell you his name, and you’ve never heard of him. And he was right. Guess what, the reporter continued, this boss of the bosses lives quietly, isn’t flashy, hides from media – and walks the streets a free man.

Lots of non-flashy private military contractors will happily fill the void, should Big Mouth Blackwater take a fall.