California Water Crisis

Sacramento Delta
(The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. It is the largest estuary in the Western Hemisphere and a major source of water for much of California.)

Some instructive quotes from just-launched California Water Crisis, who plan to educate the public about the seriousness of the current water situation in California.

“I have just one statistic, one only, and that is 25 million people depend on Delta water for the drinking water of the state. And the probability of a big earthquake over 6.7 is 75% in the next 30 years. And if that were to happen, there are all indications that the Delta would collapse, the water would be gone, there would be no water for drinking, there would be no water for agriculture, there would be no water for fish, marsh, ecosystems,” said U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.

The levees in the Sacramento Delta are old, badly in need of repair, and have compared to those in New Orleans. Yes, they are that feeble.

“Today’s federal court ruling to drastically cut Delta water exports is further proof that our water system is broken, unreliable and in crisis. Judge Oliver Wanger’s decision is a devastating blow to our water supply system and economy,” said Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Notice that Schwarzenegger did not attack the decision of the judge, as it is now apparent to virtually everyone all that California faces serious long-term water problems. The judge, in effect, said the system was collapsing and needs fixing now. No one disagrees. The California legislature will be meeting in special session to devise a plan.