Brit bloggers take on billionaire freedom-hater

Alisher Usmanov, Uzbek billionaire, wants to buy the Arsenal Football Club. British bloggers began exposing his apparent sleazy, violent past. He retaliated by getting their sites thrown off their servers. This includes the site of Craig Murray, former UK Amabassabor to Uzbekistan. Chicken Yoghurt has the full details of what has now become a major issue in British blogdom.

Some of Murray’s relevant posts are now on UK IndyMedia until he gets his site running again.

An excerpt from one of Murray’s posts.

Alisher Usmanov, potential Arsenal chairman, is a vicious thug, criminal, racketeer, heroin trafficker and accused rapist.

From The Nether-World (read the original, it has copious links to other articles)

Suffice to say that Alisher Usmanov is close to Islom Karimov, the president of Uzbekistan (ally of the UK and USA) who gets his kicks from having his subjects raped with broken bottles or boiled to death. Given Alisher Usmanov and his legal team’s enthusiasm for bullying anyone who has anything less than flattering to say about this wonderful person, I won’t go into the allegations of criminality reported by sources far more reliable than Schillings [their law firm]. For now I’ll just lament the apparent introduction of Uzbekistan’s interpretation of the concept of freedom of speech here in the UK and wonder how this will affect a great British institution like Arsenal football club.


  1. Freedom of Speech vs Censorship…

    Slow on the uptake I know but it appears that the bloated Uzbek plutocrat
    who is gobbling up Arsenal doesn’t take kindly to people being rude about him on
    the web.

    Alisher Usmanov
    has been getting his lawyers, Schillings to threaten servers…

  2. Thanks everyone…

    Well, I’m back! At the moment it would appear Boris, Tim, Craig and Clive are still down, but I know Clive has been working like a trooper since Thursday to back up all the blog files and move them to……

  3. An updated list……

    The list of bloggers highlighting the behaviour of Usmanov, Schillings and Fasthosts now stands at over 300. Justin points out that some people are apologising for coming late to the party on this one – well don’t. As he says,……

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