Sept. 15 March on D.C. this Saturday

Sept. 15 March on Washington

Buses will be coming from dozens of cities and towns. There’s still time to reserve a seat.

Speakers at the White House rally will include:

Ralph Nader
Malik Rahim, Founder, Common Ground Collective, New Orleans
Cindy Sheehan, Co-Founder, Gold Star Families for Peace
Ramsey Clark, former U.S. attorney general
Adam Kokesh, Iraq Veterans Against the War
Tina Richards, CEO, Grassroots America
Mahdi Bray, Executive Director, Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation
Mounzer Sleiman, Vice-Chair, National Council of Arab Americans
Etan Thomas, Washington Wizards Basketball Player
& many other veterans, family members, anti-war, student and community leaders!

In the 1960s and 70s, the antiwar movement had no interest in cajoling Democratic Party “doves”. It saw its job as raising hell in the streets to the point where both parties would succumb to the pressure.

And that is precisely what we need to do now.