Plane flights and emissions

united airlines plane

The 1997 Kyoto protocol would limit carbon emissions to 11,000 pounds per person. According to one carbon calculator, a single round-trip plane trip across the country uses half this “allowance.”

Something to think about as we consider lifestyle changes to reduce our emissions.

Yikes. Sue and I have made numerous transcontinental plane trips this past 12 months, and others travel much more than we do. We’ve also flown to Hawaii on vacation. If plane flights become restricted or nonexistent because of the fuel costs or emissions caps, then the world as we know it will be very different. Hawaii will cease to exist as a tourist destination and if tourism goes so does much of their economy. Then there’s the question of shipping goods to Hawaii (as most everything they need gets shipped by boat.) If the cost of shipping soars because of peak oil, then those goods may not get shipped. Within a few years you’d probably see a mass exodus from Hawaii as their collapsed economy could no longer support that many people.

Hey, I want to go back to Maui. It’s a wonderful place. So, in a coming world presumably concerned with peak oil and carbon emissions, is tourism dead? How do we keep the good parts of our world and deal with these problems too?