Activists arrested in DC for putting up antiwar posters

Arrest in DC for putting up antiwar posters

From The ANSWER Coalition listserv

Three anti-war activists were arrested in front of the White House today after the U.S. Park Police moved to suppress a press conference called to protest the fines and threats against the ANSWER Coalition for putting up anti-war posters promoting the September 15 March and Die-In in Washington DC.

The arrested were Tina Richards, CEO of Grassroots America and mother of Iraq War Veteran Cloy Richards; Adam Kokesh, the Co-Chair Elect of the Iraq Veterans Against the War and member of Veterans for Peace; and Ian Thompson, an organizer with the ANSWER Coalition.

They spent Thursday night in jail on and will appear in Superior Court today – for holding a completely legal press conference and putting up one poster, an outrageous and politically-inspired act of repression indeed.